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At Bear Stearns, the Impact Investing Division is one key way we put action behind our mandate of “Making capital work for the benefit of all”. We believe that along with the goal of achieving profit and growth from our investment strategies that we have a responsibility to direct our capital to address social and environmental concerns. Issues like environmental ruin, chronic illness and ongoing poverty drive our objectives. This is one way we give back to the global community. We invest directly into companies, organizations and funds with the stated intention of generating a measurable benefit across all asset classes and investment instruments.

Currently we are actively involved in the following sectors:

- Renewable energy
- Climate change
- Sustainable agriculture
- Healthcare
- Education
- Housing
- Micro-finance
- Pollution prevention
- Gender lens investing
- Infrastructure
- Water
- Indigenous

We are committed to engaging with the communities we are impacting with a given strategy and work closely with our corporate partners to ensure that risk and return are balanced between community, investors and the corporation. Our Impact Investing team works in tandem with our Private Equity Group in developing new Impact driven strategies with institutional and key partners in the development of new private fund structures.

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