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The Growth Equity team within the Direct Private Equities Group focuses primarily on technology driven companies and investments in the growth stage of their development.  Our business is to help entrepreneurs and private corporations scale their growth through strategic implementation of capital and informed execution.

Our Guiding Principles

We target individual investments in the $50-200+ million range in key companies with a management team and track record that coincides with the metric developed by our Research Institute.  The metric identifies key opportunities and areas of development that allow us to leverage the existing assets and market potential of the firm and be a primary partner in developing new market leaders. 


Our Corporate Private Equity team’s specialized expertise is enhanced by our integrated information platform and leverages our localized sales, advisory and analyst employee network’s specialized knowledge.  We serve clients across various areas of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas and are currently targeting investments ranging in size from $50-500 Million. 

Our Guiding Principles

Across a wide range of industries we facilitate growth investments, restructuring opportunities, recapitalizations, expansion/takeover strategies in distressed companies or sectors as well as leveraged buy-out strategies.  The Research Institute’s corporate measuring metric is our primary tool for identifying companies that match with our overall investment strategy. 


The Bear Stearns Infrastructure team focuses primarily on major infrastructure projects in the $50-200 million range per investment with a fully global mandate.  In keeping with our vision statement of making capital work for the benefit of all we analyze each project with full investigation into both the environmental and humanitarian impact of the project against our own established set of criteria developed by our Institute.   We invest primarily in energy, utilities, and transportation related infrastructure.

Our Guiding Principles

Infrastructure projects that meet our criteria for environmental and humanitarian impact need to be permanent installations that provide an essential service.  Growth and return are foremost in every project with essentials like macroeconomic indicators showing a long term increase in revenue stream and strong market share positions as essential elements. 


The Bear Stearns Real Estate Equity team invests globally in various real estate related equity investments ranging from $50-500 million per project.  Along with direct real estate ventures we invest in loan portfolios, debt recapitalizations and real estate companies across many different sectors.  These projects are primarily in the corporate, retail and hospitality sectors.

Our Guiding Principles

We apply our environmental and humanitarian mandate to every project we invest in.  Along with markets in the North America and Europe we also focus on key areas in developing nations with emerging economies that show the necessary indicators of long term capital appreciation and political stability.


Some of the benefits that our portfolio companies have access to include:
  • Bear Stearns Research Institute provides our portfolio companies with exclusive access to dedicated sector specific teams that advise them on market conditions, opportunities, trends, political and culturally pertinent information.
  • Connection and access to advice at the highest level from our Investment banking Department as well as collaboration with other areas of our Asset Management team. We provide our corporations with strategy and execution capabilities across a wide range of areas including mergers & acquisitions, foreign exchange, trading and alternative investment strategies. 
  • Access to our highest level expertise regarding capital markets and all liability management and debt services.
  • Access to Bear Stearns substantial capital resources for providing additional funding and other resources when expansion, acquisitions or other growth enhancing needs arise.
  • Global connections through the Bear Stearns network of advisors, analysts and clients opening up a wealth of connectivity regarding personnel as well as complimentary corporate alliances.
  • Proven ability to execute successful transactions even in the most challenging market conditions.
  • Ongoing corporate support across an array of areas to help facilitate long term growth and goals including direct management support, restructuring and facilitating key relationships.
  • Access to key Bear Stearns experts in niche markets and business types as well as our wide network of relationships with industry experts.

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Our Clients

Corporations / Bear Stearns serve the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Defined Contribution Plans / Bear Stearns various Asset Management teams work closely with our Reseatch Institute to provide advice, implementation strategies and framework to Defined Contribution Plans across a broad range of options.
Financial Sponsors / Bear Stearns proudly serves the interests of various Financial Sponsors across many sectors and markets.
Governments / Bear Stearns serve the needs of governments and institutions across the globe poviding strategic advice and implementation across a range of topics including key infrastructure projects, capital deployment and various debt structuring related strategies.
Financial Institutions / Bear Stearns partners with and serves other financial institutions in a wide variety of asset management and debt related strategies and collaborations.
 Endowments and Foundations / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Endowments and Foundations in their strategic and asset management needs.
Pension /  Bear Stearns serves the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Insurance Companies / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various insurance companies in aidingthem with navigating various products across our Capital Markets Division and debt related needs.
Sovereing Wealth Funds / Bear Stearns brings its wealth of experience and collective education to serve the informational and implementation needs of various sovereing wealth funds.
Ultra high net worth individuals / Bear Stearns serves UHNW individuals across a broad range of asset management and debt related needs providing unique access to private markets and various cross-corporate strategies.
Public Authorities / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Public Authorities across a broad range of their Asset Management and Investment Banking related needs across many jurisdictions across the globe.
Hedge Funds / Bear Stearns provides advice and access to unique and powerful investment opportunities to various Hedge Funds across the globe.
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