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Our Clients

Corporations / Bear Stearns serve the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Defined Contribution Plans / Bear Stearns various Asset Management teams work closely with our Reseatch Institute to provide advice, implementation strategies and framework to Defined Contribution Plans across a broad range of options.
Financial Sponsors / Bear Stearns proudly serves the interests of various Financial Sponsors across many sectors and markets.
Governments / Bear Stearns serve the needs of governments and institutions across the globe poviding strategic advice and implementation across a range of topics including key infrastructure projects, capital deployment and various debt structuring related strategies.
Financial Institutions / Bear Stearns partners with and serves other financial institutions in a wide variety of asset management and debt related strategies and collaborations.
 Endowments and Foundations / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Endowments and Foundations in their strategic and asset management needs.
Pension /  Bear Stearns serves the needs of various pension funds and programs across a broad range of industries and geographies.
Insurance Companies / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various insurance companies in aidingthem with navigating various products across our Capital Markets Division and debt related needs.
Sovereing Wealth Funds / Bear Stearns brings its wealth of experience and collective education to serve the informational and implementation needs of various sovereing wealth funds.
Ultra high net worth individuals / Bear Stearns serves UHNW individuals across a broad range of asset management and debt related needs providing unique access to private markets and various cross-corporate strategies.
Public Authorities / Bear Stearns is proud to serve various Public Authorities across a broad range of their Asset Management and Investment Banking related needs across many jurisdictions across the globe.
Hedge Funds / Bear Stearns provides advice and access to unique and powerful investment opportunities to various Hedge Funds across the globe.
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