Making capital work
for the benefit of all

Across the globe a strong desire to restructure traditional economic practices for the benefit of humanity and the environment is on the rise.  The New Bear Stearns is committed to leading that evolution.


Currently we are actively involved in the following sectors:

- Renewable energy
- Climate change
- Sustainable agriculture
- Healthcare
- Education
- Housing
- Micro-finance
- Pollution prevention
- Gender lens investing
- Infrastructure
- Water
- Indigenous

30 September 2019

In the near future the server at your favorite restaurant may...

18 September 2019

The global auto business is undergoing profound change on all fronts from the cars...

19 September 2019

In the western world, we often take basic necessities for granted and this extends to food, but far too many...

17 September 2019

Men continue to earn more than women both in developed and...

15 September 2019

In the eleven years following the great recession, the United States has prospered in a record-long period...

Bear Stearns is currently expanding our team across a broad range of roles. We are a rapidly growing company with teams in place all around the globe. If you’re an experienced professional or a student/graduate we would love to hear from you. Please submit a resume and cover letter and our Human Resources Department will get back to you should you be selected for our placement process.