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At Bear Stearns, we believe that the best corporate ethics start with a core system of values. We believe that ethics must go beyond what the laws, regulations and rules of finance require. We strive to provide the best options and opportunities for our clients. We believe in doing what is right, the first time and all the time. We employ lessons learned from our corporate history and the industry best practices. Our Board of Directors is structured to hold our senior management accountable for the company’s performance and actions. We believe in taking responsibility and owning our corporate mission at all levels of our organization. The board ensures that we maintain the highest levels of compliance, conduct, risk mitigation, social and economic responsibilities, and stay atop all current and emerging issues in our industry and around the world. The concerns raised by stakeholders, regulators, and advocates are considered and applied to corporate decisions and policies when deemed appropriate. We believe that people are still the best assets of any business and we purposefully seek out the best candidates from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. We believe in providing an inclusive and diverse work environment to attract and retain top talent. We utilize strategies to provide growth opportunities for our employees. We stand firmly committed to our goal of ‘giving back’ around the world and incorporate that concept in every transaction and through our employees.

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